Have a question about the billing on your account?

We’ve put together a list of the most commonly asked questions about the billers used to process your membership.

Which billing company billed me?

After purchasing your membership you should have gotten an email from the billing company and our system.  This email would be a notice that informs you of all your billing and login details.  If you cannot locate this information, don’t fret, you can easily contact us and we can provide it to you.

What Billing Companies do you use for processing?

Our main Credit Card Processor is DEMediaPay .

What is going to show on my credit card statement?  Are they going to know I bought porn?

Depending on which billing company processed your payment, you will see: DDS Help, ANCSWeb, DE Support, or DE Media Pay.  As you can see it is all discreet and no one will be able to tell what you purchased.

Why Was My Credit Card Declined?

If this has happened to you we are sorry for the inconvenience.  When a credit card is declined it is out of our control.  This means that we’re not the ones denying it and it’s either the card issuer or the billing company who is doing so.

Some common reasons for your card being declined are: Exceeded the cards limits, possible invalid fields, previous online fraud or chargebacks, bank block, and sometimes just bad luck.

If you wish to find out the reason why your card was declined, you should contact the card issuer or billing company directly as they have access to that information.

How often will I be charged for your services?

If you purchased via the monthly membership option your account will be charged every thirty days from the day you originally subscribed. For example, if your account was activated on October 15th, your credit card will be automatically charged again on November 14th. If you cancel your account before that time, we will not renew your account. Instead your account will expire on that date. For example, if you were activated on October 15th and we receive your cancellation on October 30th, your account would expire on November 14th.

If you joined via the 90 day $69.00 option, your membership is automatically cancelled on the day you join, and your password will stop working in 90 days. This means that it’s a one-time charge and there’s no need for any cancellation.

If you joined via the Limited Trial Membership option, you will be charged $1.00 on the day you purchased. This option DOES upgrade automatically to a full membership if not cancelled within the 24 hour time period.

What is your refund policy?

Refund policy: You may request a refund however the refund is subject to review of staff, no refund is guaranteed.

Do you store my billing details?

The billing companies that we use store all of your billing details on an encrypted service. No billing records are kept on any of our Servers.

We also do not sell, trade, or give away our member login details or email records. We keep all details properly encrypted and locked away for private use only.

I cancelled my membersip but did not receive a cancellation receipt.

You should always confirm your cancellations with the billing company directly. This will always ensure that you know first hand the cancellation has been completed.

Please select the Billing Company used for your Purchase. Not Sure or Not Listed? Contact Us!

  DDS Help - Credit Cards
    Toll Free: 1-888-897-0503

  ANCSWeb - Credit Cards
    Toll Free: 1-888-897-0503

  DE Support - Credit Cards
    Toll Free: 1-888-897-0503

  DE Media Pay - Credit Cards
    Toll Free: 1-888-897-0503

  • email: [email protected]
    Toll Free: (800) 893-8871
    Int. Tel.: (310) 664-5810

  SegPay.com - Credit Cards & Online Checks
    email: [email protected]
    US and Canadian Residents: 1-888-376-0948 or 1-866-450-4000
    Direct Dial: +1-954-414-1610

  • Not Sure or Not Listed? Contact Us!